Going crazy with keeping in mind hundreds passwords for applications?

Going to panic because lost password for accessing your favorite website?

Need to renew your registration but totally forgot password because you didn't use it for the year?

We're ready to help you to restore your lost passwords!

SV2 Passwords Explorer awards

We are glad to announce that SV2 Passwords Explorer has been highly rated and awarded at many download websites.

My Passwords.info is awarded

Our software My Passwords.info has received a 4.5 Star Rating by Download2You.com!

Free evaluating period is over

Free promoting compaing is over, but you still get powerful system for exploring Protected Storage and restoring network and dial-up/VPN passwords for really reliable price. 

We are ready!

Finally we are ready! Latest release of website and applications are uploaded to the server!


We are happy to announce starting our new service. Here you can find useful information and tools which will help you to restore your lost or forgotten passwords.

Passwords Explorer 2.0

Passwords Explorer becomes very popular tool for extracting stored passwords from password-entry field.

MyPasswords.info helps you to solve your problems.

This website was created specially for solving lost-password related problems. It includes several products, useful advises and links which my help you to restore your lost password.

Pay attention: it isn't hacking website. Our target is create website which may help users worldwide to restore THEIR OWN passwords. It's restricted to use information or software received from this website for disclosing third-party passwords.

Simple solution for complex problems

Every time while you're using computer you have to deal with different passwords. You have to keep in mind passwords for email boxes, instant messengers, corporate servers and so on. When you're surfing internet you have to deal with passwords for site's members areas.

Luckily, modern applications provide option for storing passwords somethere at PC. So, usually you need to enter password once and then application will use stored password. And it burn one serious and wide spreaded problem - forgotting and loosing passwords.

It's possible to remember phone number which your are using very often. But try to remember number which you dialed only once per year.
Just check yourself. Open your cellular's phone-book and select somebody here. Then try to remind his/her number.

Hard, isn't it?

Same problems happened with rare-used passwords. Imaging, you need to use a password for renewing your annual subscription.

Isn't it hard to remember password which is used once per year?

But in case of phone-book the problem can be solved - you may just click view record in phonebook and find out the number. In case of passwords stored in computer - it's impossible. Passwords shown in special password-entry controls. All password's characters are replaced by asterisk characters (i.e. instead of "my_password" you'll see something like "********").

So, passwords may be easily lost and forgotten.

Here you find software which may help you to restore your lost passwords. Also, you can find some useful articles and links here which may be useful for solving your problems.

Let us save your time and nervious with our software!

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